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Human Resources

The Human Resource Department provides administrative support in the area of Personnel Services, assisting in the development, implementation and enforcement of Personnel Policies and Procedures, including areas of Employment Law, labor relations, wage and salary administration and fringe benefits and acts as general liaison between management and staff.

As custodian of employee records the Human Resource Office is responsible for the daily activity in connection with the regular maintenance and organization of all personnel records, and responds to all public requests requiring employment verification on both current and former employees of the city.

Duties and Responsibilities
Essential functions include the administration of employee recruitment and placement process. Conducts employee indoctrination on fringe benefits, including health and leave benefits, and any other employee benefit programs that may be provided by the City.
Attached Document or FileGENERAL EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION This general application is required to be submitted by all applicants, regardless of department.

Benefit Package

The following benefits are among those available to full-time, regular City employees:

Medical/Dental/Vision/Life Insurance - Employee premiums are paid 100%,  Dependent coverage is available.

Retirement Plan - Participant in the Texas Municipal Retirement System (TMRS).  Both the city and the employee contribute to the plan.  The employee contribution is 6% and the city matches 12%.  Employees vest after 5 years and are eligible for retirement after 20 years.

Caring-Heart Membership - CareFlite Air Ambulance Membership for each employee and any household family member that remain full-time residents of employees household.

Sick Leave - Sick leave is accrued on the basis of eight hours per month and is available after 3 months of continuous employment.

Holidays - 11 paid holidays annually.

Vacation Plan - Vacation time accrues monthly with 40 hours available after the first year.  The number of vacation days increases each year.

Longevity Pay - Paid upon completion of one year of employment.

Deferred Compensation - This provides eligible employees with voluntary investment options designed to supplement income at retirement.  There is no city contribution but employees have flexibility in setting up or changing a pre-tax contribution from their earnings to that account.

Flexible Benefit Plan - Dependent health insurance premiums can be deducted from an employee's pre-taxed income.  Employees may also participate in flexible spending accounts by setting aside pre-tax income to pay for unreimbursed health expenses.

Social Security, Medicare & Workers Compensation -  The city participates in these plans.

This is provided as general information and does not replace any benefits or procedures as outlined in the City of Alvarado Personnel Policy Manual or in any other applicable administrative policies or procedures.  These employee benefits are subject to change without notice by the employer.

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