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Recycling Services

We have contracted with Allied Waste Systems for curbside recycling services. Allied Waste provides a 95-gallon recycle bin to every household and will empty the bins every other week on Friday. Follow the link below for a schedule of pick-up dates and a list of acceptable materials. If needed, additional recycle bins may be ordered for an additional fee by calling Allied Waste. Customers are billed on the water account every month for this service.

Senior Citizens- Quailifed Senior Citizens have the choice to opt-out if at least 65 years of age. If interested in opting-out, please present your valid identification and a current water bill for your home address at City Hall. If there is not an able-bodied person in the household, please contact Allied Waste at 1-800-860-0123 to assist with recycle pick-up.

Placement of Cart- Recycle bins should be placed at the curb on service day no later than 7am. Bins should be placed at least five (5) feet from any other object (mailboxes, water meters, gas meters, parked cars, power poles, trees, etc). Place the bin with the handles facing the house and the lid closed but facing toward the street.

Helpful Hints-

*  Flatten out cardboard boxes so that they will fit more easily into the bin. If boxes are very large, please cut them into smaller pieces.

*  Please remove caps and lids from containers. In most cases they are not recyclable and can become projectiles when the landing equipment crushes them.

*  Please rinse the plastic bottles/containers. The recyle center preferes rinsed containers and it will help keep your recycle bin clean.

If you have a complaint, please contact Allied first and then report it to the city as well with the name of the person you spoke to at Allied.



If you have any questions or concerns about this program, please feel free to contact City Hall at 817-790-3351 or Allied Waste at 1-800-860-0123

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