City of Alvarado

The Crossroads of Johnson County
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Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigation Division, or C.I.D. for short, strives to provide the highest quality investigative support to the department and citizens of Alvarado through follow-up on reported crimes. Members assigned to this division hold the title of Detective and personnel perform all criminal investigations.  Some of their duties include interviewing suspects and witnesses, analyzing information, and compiling comprehensive cases which are filed with the District and County Attorney's Offices for Johnson County.  CID personnel work closely with other units within the department and interact often with members of other departments to address regional crime patterns.  
Detectives assigned to CID undergo advanced training in areas related to criminal investigations, interviews, search/seizure and courtroom preparation.  
For more information about the Criminal Investigations Division or to speak with a detective, please call the Alvarado Police Department at 817-790-0910.
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